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POCUS MEDICAL STUdent rotation

ROTATION DIRECTORS: Dr. Moises Moreno (EUS Director), Dr. Brandon Stein (CD)

Clinical Faculty: Dr. Nicole Aviles (APD EUS Fellowship)



4th year of medical school

Intent of entering a career in emergency medicine.


1 - 2 students will be selected per block upon their application through Clinician Nexus.


LOCATION:  Kendall Regional Medical Center (KRMC)


DURATION:  Two-week or four-week block



To expose 4th-year medical students to bedside point of care ultrasound in the emergency department.  The student  will gain knowledge in scanning techniques and  image interpretation for ACEP core ultrasound applications



The rotation consists of three components: clinical time, emergency ultrasound didactics, and asynchronous learning.


  1. Clinical Time:

Students will be expected to complete 13 shifts per 4-week rotation in the Emergency Department. The objective is to perform at least 100 scans by the end of the rotation.

During scanning shifts, students will be supervised both by the rotation directors as well as other ultrasound faculty, EUS fellows, and residents. Students will be expected to work on weekends.


  1. Ultrasound Didactics:

Ultrasound didactics will take place in the form of weekly image review which includes the QA process as well as lectures covering the core emergency ultrasound applications. Emphasis will be placed in learning to distinguish normal anatomy from pathologic findings.


  1. Asynchronous Learning:

Students will be expected to complete assigned readings in emergency ultrasound textbooks and to review instructional videos.

Students will also be expected to give a 15-minute presentation on an ultrasound topic of their choice and complete a written test at the end of the rotation.




Students will be graded on a pass/fail basis. Grades will be determined by performance on all aspects of the rotation



Interested students should contact and apply directly through Clinician Nexus.

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