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Resident Wellness 

The Florida Kendall Hospital Wellness Committee works to teach and to provide a healthy work-life balance for our residents.  


We aim to meet this goal through dedicated monthly presentations, activities and/or small group sessions during our conference time. We seek to present information relevant to all: mindfulness, nutrition and exercise, coping with the difficulties of residency, financial wellness, stress reduction and preventing burnout, building and maintaining relationships. 


We also strive to foster our EM community, working to organize outside social activities and events, so that all of us have the opportunity to participate in and enjoy a work-life balance with our families, friends and peers. 


The Wellness Curriculum was developed with intent to provide every resident with the knowledge and skills to have a happy, healthy, safe and fulfilling three years of residency here at Kendall Regional Medical Center and beyond. 



Sincerely yours, 

The 2022-2023 Wellness Committee: Drs Carrisa, Raul, 

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