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  • Operations of the Emergency Ultrasound (EUS) machine

  • How to perform all core EUS applications

  • How to appropriately fill out a worksheet in Qpath

  • How to incorporate EUS into your daily clinical practice.

General information:

  • This rotation consists of twelve (12) 12-hour shifts per block and may be scheduled at the convenience of both you and the ultrasound faculty as long as all objectives are met.

  • A schedule will be provided to you with shift times.

  • Scanning shifts will be performed independently or with available faculty members.

  • Orientation will occur during first scanning shift.  All the details of this rotation will be discussed during orientation.

  • For medicolegal reasons, unless you are scanning with a faculty member, you may only scan patients who are receiving confirmatory studies (e.g.: US or CT scan, etc).

  • Due to Covid-19 pandemic, please wear appropriate PPE when scanning at all times. No exception to this rule.

Resident Expectations:

  • Goal is to perform at least 150 studies while on rotation..

  • Review the study with the  attending of record for that specific patient during or after completion. 

  • Every study must be uploaded to Qpath on the scanning shift.

  • There will also be image review and QA/QI of US studies during rotation with Dr. Moreno.  More information regarding this topic will be discussed during orientation.

Journal Club.

  • During your second of week, you will choose an article to discuss during Image Review

  • More information regarding this topic will be discussed during orientation.


  • Prepare a 15 minute lecture about an interesting case during your rotation.

Exit Exam:

  • A final exam will be taken during the last of week of the rotation. More information regarding this topic will be discussed during orientation.


Customized Online Sonographic learning

  • There will be an emphasis on ACEP core applications



Resident Expectations: Daily goals for self-study content

  • Day 1:  Introduction to Point-of- care ultrasound, Physics and E-FAST

  • Day 2:  Echocardiography, Part 1

  • Day 3: Aorta/IVC

  • Day 4: Renal

  • Day 5: Gallbladder / Peripheral and Central Venous US Guided IV Placement

  • Day 6: Pregnancy/Pelvic

  • Day 7: Ocular/DVT

  • Day 8: Advanced Abdomen /Appendicitis  

  • Day 9:  Soft tissue/ MSK/Procedures

  • Day 10 : Thoracic/Rush Protocol

  • Day 11: Advanced Echo

  • Day 12:  Exit exam/Journal club

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