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2019 Wilderness Day!

This past week we had our second annual wilderness day, presented by the faculty and residents on our EMS track. All of our residents made the trek out into the wilds of Amelia Earhart Park in Hialeah, Fl.

The morning was spent going through various skills stations, where residents learned about different aspects of wilderness medicine. During the lunch break, Miami-Dade Air Rescue made a guest appearance and even landed the helicopter at the park. However in the afternoon, they were split into teams and they raced to see who could save a poor soul mauled by one of the infamous bears of suburban Miami-Dade. A tremendous amount of fun was had by all. Both the winning and losing teams learned how to care for patients in austere environments and without their afternoon coladas.

Special thanks to Drs. Pineda, Maldonado, Slane and Brea for organizing this wonderful event, Dr. Golden, Sarvis, Medina, and de Pena delivered an excellent experience at the skill stations.

Thanks to Mr. Oz Hall and Conswella came through for us, as always, with the much needed supplies and Miami-Dade Air Rescue for participating and giving us a lesson on air rescue operations.

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